10:01 DANCE STORY is a dance video diary that was inspired by dear, legendary, film-maker Jonas Mekas and his ‘365 Days Project’.

I dedicate this project to Jonas, all friends, beloved ones, deceased friends and peers, to all viewers who live and are consciously present in this moment.

10:01 DANCE STORY is a composition of beliefs, motives and intentions. It is a declaration; a statement of principles, a bold, sometimes rebellious call to action, a provocation of transformation.

This project questions what a story really is. It can be a linear sequence of events or a multi-layered, multifaceted, constructed approach from various perspectives at the same time. Therefore, I consider this project to be a conversation with the nature of stories and interpretation of their meanings.

I have realised that the most important instrument and the source of creation is my own body. A painter uses a brush, musician – a violin, cello, piano or a guitar, a writer – a pen, the filmmaker – a lens. The only intent within this project is to focus on a creation of beauty in action.

A self-authored story in constant readjustment, a work of art in progress and we are the ones who produce the meanings of ‘self’ and its┬┤oeuvre┬┤. Therefore, this diary is a tribute to the complexities of interactions through dance and movement, an integral part of how I perceive the surrounding world and the portrayal of the change in nature, in urban environments, the flux in poetics of dance, the shift in emotional as well as intellectual influences – everything that affects my life. Moreover, there is no single author in this project, it is the mediation of metamorphosis through relations; to the qualities of many.

The dance story begins on the 29th of March 2019 and will end on the 24th of December 2021, what would have been the late Jonas Mekas’ 99th Birthday. The diary will include the documentation of 1001 consecutive days in motion.

All the content is public and is hoped to serve as a constant source of inspiration.